The Feast of Persephone

We learned many things our first year on the farm, but few surprised us more than the season of Persephone. Based on the Greek mythology, Persephone spends a period of every year in Hades and thereby causes the temporary death of livings things. For us this translates into late fall and winter when the day length falls below ten hours. The persephone period, as it’s called, begins and ends on different days relative to latitude. Here on the 45th parallel, it begins on about November tenth and ends on February sixth. During this period living plants, if they’re protected from the elements, will stop growing, triggered by the lack of light. Then, almost miraculously restart their growth when the day clock hits ten hours again. We found that out the first winter when we tried to grow lettuce in a semi-heated greenhouse.  Continue reading “The Feast of Persephone”

Piney Hill Farm


We like to think that the sunrises are prettier, the raindrops are sweeter, and the breezes warmer at Piney Hill Farm. Not a day goes by that we know gratefulness for stewarding this farm for a time. We are thrilled to be able to share it with anyone who drops in. We are especially grateful for our partners in this endeavor. Our luscious produce and meats find their way onto many tables throughout the region, particularly through Hungry Turtle Farmer’s Cooperative (of which we’ve been members since 2015), Red Wagon Pizza, Homegrown Foods, and many other vendors who have been our customers. Each new season we look forward to growing more amazing and tasty food for our ever-widening circle of customers and friends.

The Hills and Hollers

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

One of our favorite things to do is explore the just-under 80 acres of our farm. After three and a half years, there are still spots that I can honestly say I’ve never been on. Last night, as we snowshoed in the dark, we marched atop the frozen creek and then up a bank along a bend that I had not stepped on. It was very near the sugar shack so I was familiar with the surroundings. As simple as this little ‘discovery’ was, it reminded me of the importance of curiosity in all that we do. As we stumble through the corners of our little bit of heaven, we often find ourselves dreaming of how we can better experience it and share it with others.