Art on X Gallery Show

10 Artists!

June 8, 2019 – 1-8pm

weaving, pottery, painting, wood turned vessels, sculpture, wearable fiber arts, jewelry, photography

Live fashion shows at 3 and 5 pm featuring the wearable fiber art creations of Abbie Kenyon and Monica Lyon!

Event DJ’d by David Robey and Adam Newton. Check out their bios below!

Directions: E623 County Road X, Glenwood City, WI
Venmo, visa, cash and check accepted

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See artists’ bios below:

written by The Write Effect

Karen Rafferty

Karen Rafferty

“The creation of fiber art is an intimate and tactile process,” says Karen Rafferty. The result is work that compels the viewers of her pieces to not only look, but to touch and discover. Through her work, Karen explores hidden spaces and adornments.

Experimenting with different techniques, Karen gathers her materials from natural plant fiber and animal sources. Bold colors converge with muted tones, evolving into pieces which are non-conforming in traditional weaving. The result is a 3-dimensional, sculptural work of art.

Beginning in 1996, Karen studied the tools and techniques of lace making, when she became interested in textile weaving. Eventually the discipline became her primary focus as an expression of fiber art.

Karen was the featured textile artist at theUniversity of Dubuque’s Bisignano Art Gallery show, “Fiber and Figure,” in December 2018. 

Lisa + Adam Mauer Elliott

Lisa + Adam Mauer Elliott

Inaka studios is the multidisciplinary art and design studio of Lisa and Adam Mauer Elliott. Originally from the Twin Cities, Adam and Lisa relocated to Glenwood City, Wisconsin in the spring of 2018, and combined their graphic design, art, and woodworking studios together in their new home, surrounded by fields and forests. The Japanese word “inaka” means “countryside,” and their studio name and work honors their daily connection to the rural, wild landscape where they live.

With an emphasis on natural, hand-made materials and small-scale production, their art takes a multitude of forms—from woodwork, sculpture, jewelry, and textiles, to drawings, paintings, prints, and photography. Quiet, modern, simple, textural notes permeate much of their work, as do influences from Japanese, Scandinavian, and Inuit art+design. Earth, sky, water, trees, found beauty, a wonderment for the life force in all things—from the senses to the soul, through hands into form.

Maris Gilbert

Maris Gilbert

As a Miami native, painter Maris Gilbert’s work is inspired by the mangroves and shorelines of her childhood. Her work reflects her lifelong love of water, while also bringing awareness to the ecological issues threatening tributaries and lakes, particularly the Mississippi and Minnesota rivers, and Lake Pepin.

Maris moved to Minneapolis in 1982 to attend MCAD. Regular walks along the Mississippi and road trips to Lake Pepin serve as her muse.

Says Maris, “My work explores the interface of water, land, and sky, revealing the beauty and peril of our current changing climate and the impacts on our planet.”

As an art activist and member of The Lake Pepin Legacy Alliance, Maris uses her work to bring awareness and spark action.

From Maris’s South Minneapolis studio at Squirrel Haus Arts, she invites people to explore their love of water with hands-on “Paint Along with Maris” experiences and will offer visitors to Art on X the same opportunity.

Sue Spriggs

Sue Spriggs

The stark, sharp beauty of the desert fascinates ceramist, Sue Spriggs. Both organic and man-made themes emerge in her work, from flowers to geometric shapes like those seen in ancient cathedrals. Yet Sue is most influenced by the desert, drawn to and inspired by the muted and sometimes brilliant pigments of brown, orange, sand, violet, and green that she sees in the rocks, sandstone, and cacti that surround her southwestern home.

While Sue has received some training, she is mostly self-taught.Using the sgraffito technique, she scratches through the surface of her wheel thrown clay pots, mugs, and delicate-looking lanterns to reveal a lower layer of contrasting color. She applies a very finely filtered slip called terra siggilato, then colors each piece with underglaze or stain. The results are nature-inspired pieces that are both exquisite and functional.

Says Sue, “Clay is magical. It allows me to create beauty with thoughtfulness and peace.”

Donna Meyer

Function, tools, and hard surface themes emerge from the sculptures and installations of artist Donna Meyer. Says Donna, “I create work that is wacky by upcycling, tinkering, and attaching materials that were originally used for something else.”

The east coast native now resides in Minneapolis where she explores a variety of mediums. Her work on display in Art on X evolves from her process of welding steel, many pieces derived from re-purposed materials. From these, her metal sculptures evolve, reflecting the permanence of the medium and the process.

Donna holds a BA in Art and a Master’s in Theology.

Monica Lyon

Monica Lyon

Monica Lyon’s apparel is inspired by society and reflects what is currently transpiring culturally, politically, and creatively. Her work is a response to these things and a call for change.

Local to Elmwood, Wisconsin, Monica creates her eco-friendly designs with a focus on upcycling and felted textiles, utilizing natural fibers, wool, silk, cotton, and linen. Some of these she sources from animals who live side-by-side with her on her small farm.

As a milliner and apparel designer, her clothing and hats are hand-crafted employing techniques and materials such as wet felting, needle felting, and yarn she spins herself. Monica processes her own fiber to ensure best practices are observed from beginning to end.

She adds, “From farm to closet, her methods respect people, animals, and the Earth.” 

Ryan Decker

Ryan Decker

Oil painter, Ryan Decker, combines the long-established genre of figurative painting with the contemporary art form of collage.

Says Ryan, “I use collage as a reference to construct imagined scenarios, which I then portray by translating those images through painting. I do this to accentuate the differences in visual languages between the two mediums, while maintaining the feel of the collage in the painting.”

Leaning toward ambiguity in his work, Ryan explores themes that are multi-faceted or fractured in nature. He explores opposing thoughts and forces that transpire in the mind, as well as the nature of the figure as subject. He intends for his work to invoke a certain amount of humor through the absurd juxtaposition of visual elements, creating imagined scenarios and narratives that revolve around soap operatic drama.

Having earned his BA in art from the University of Minnesota, Ryan has had ample opportunity to explore a variety of mediums, including collage, drawing, photography, acrylic painting, and print making. 

Abbie Kenyon

Abbie Kenyon

For Abbie Kenyon, the world of clothing appears as one big geometric calculation, a creative problem to solve with math and experimentation. In creating her collections, Abbie draws inspiration from two themes–nature and the harmony of coexisting creatures, along with her own dreams of travel to new geographic locations, experienced as a memory or a yearning for new scenery.

The two themes play together to bring out a color palette and overall vibe for the collection, and most importantly, they require her to rely on emotion and instinct to guide the design process. “The purpose of art is to connect the world,” says Abbie.

A fashion designer and fiber artist living in Minneapolis, MN, Abbie graduated from the Apparel Design program at MCTC in 2015. She has worked as a seamstress for Nordstrom, Modehaus Bridal, and Drazenka Designs of Edina, and operates her own freelance custom design atelier while also providing client alterations. 

Brenna Noltner

Brenna Noltner

Minimalist abstract painter, Brenna Noltner, creates work that elicits self-reflection, acceptance, and clarity. She paints each piece with the intention that those who engage with her work will experience a sense of serenity and peace of mind.

Beginning with a dark acrylic underpainting, Brenna layers a tinted neutral color palette on top. The layering combined with a scraping process, evokes a sense of time, bringing the mundane to light and giving a voice to the banal. Says Brenna, “I praise the worn, the broken and the forgotten. My work is a grieving process with a variety of emotions coursing through my body.”

With each piece, Brenna gives herself time to sit with the work, allowing it to inform her on where to go next. This thoughtful approach means she completes some paintings in days, while others do not come to fruition for months or even years.  

Kris McNeely

Piney Hill Farm partnered with Kris McNeely of The Write Effect for assistance with the marketing of Art on X. As a copywriter and marketing consultant, Kris writes web content, articles, blog posts, non-fiction books and more for a variety of industries, including art, health and medicine, travel, IT, event planning and digital design. You can contact her at 763-757-4803 or  

DJ Adam Newton

DJ Adam Newton is a long-time drummer, skilled guitarist, avid sound designer and has been a meticulous audio engineer for over 16 years. Utilizing his skills and drawing from many genres, he creates ever-evolving, innovative music and soundscapes. He seeks inspiration from all dark corners of the world and is perpetually inspired by the unlimited possibilities electronic music has to offer. He is moved by most frequencies, loves a good raw sawtooth wave, and is forever propelled by the unique. Find out more at and

DJ David Robey

DJ David Robey has been mixing music locally in Minnesota for the past three years. As a house and bass music enthusiast, he looks relentlessly for vibrant tracks that can resonate on the dance floor, blending popular hits with the realms of big room and progressive house. Find out more at